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Nimbox Ltd


Nimbox is a software company, based in Leeds. Providing businesses with a way to protect documents, in the office, on the road, and  with  customers. Knowing  where  your files are, and who is accessing them. It tracks every change, forever, and  enables collaboration between in house teams, and trusted third parties, either in shared workspaces, or by editing the same file, together and at the same time.

For the last two and half years, Nimbox’s customers have been able to access their files 24/7,365 days a year, because the uptime has been 100%.

Nimbox is quite special, because they cannot access your data. They have strong security and privacy framework, ensuring that only the customer has the means to access its data (even Nimbox’s team cannot see it).

The product, and deep understanding of the security industry, has won some significant clients, including:

·    The certifying body for the Government’s Cyber Essentials programme, who use the platform to manage audits of businesses throughout the UK,

·    Oil rigs and pipeline monitoring companies, who use the platform to securely transmit rig statistics, in hostile environmental conditions,

·    An umbrella group of IFAs, managing and backing up around 200 remote and roaming users, and their highly confidential files.


The company was set up as a spin-off from virtualDCS (a specialist virtual hosting company) in 2014. Based in the same premises in Leeds, Nimbox was established following an observed gap in the market.  In 2017  turnover  was £99k at the November year end. Paying an average £8 per head, Nimbox  have  around 700 users from 112 organisations, in 17 industries, spread across 8 countries. However, they are not growing quickly enough to justify a healthy sale price to a future buyer, and  feel that Nimbox is not achieving its full potential, given the considerable market focus on cyber security right now.

As a ‘team of techies,’ sales are their  biggest  challenge. They have a proven model, and a solid product; a product that solves real business problems. They  have  identified the sectors to  target, and know, based on  current sales and research, that they have the right tools for these businesses. But, Nimbox  employees  do not have the skills to execute this plan.

Nimbox are therefore looking for more than just investment, they need individuals who can help them ratify their sales strategy and aspirations, and then assist  financially  to make the strategy come alive. An investment of £100-£200k is sought.

Nimbox have been working towards an eventual sale  to  a large Managed Service Provider, wishing to enhance its portfolio with a proven solution and brand.

To achieve a good price, Nimbox need annual revenue in the region of £1m, and a profit of £200k, in order to generate a healthy multiple on the value.

(Lomart purchased Leeds-based Backup Technologies (BTL) for £23 million.)

To give an idea of the scale of the market, current data from IDC  states  that the public cloud services market grew 28.6 percent in the first half of 2017, with revenues totalling £46 billion, and online tools like Nimbox represented 69% of that market.


Go Dine Ltd


Adam Roberts, founder and MD of Go dine and Go dine digital is looking to raise circa £200k during 2018 and wants to start connecting with prospective investors as he launches their 2018 growth plan.

Go Dine operate 2 services under one roof- both for the restaurant industry
·    1 - Go dine ( – an online restaurant guide and booking service.  They showcase over 1,000 restaurants from Northampton up to Leeds in the most complete restaurant guide available.  The service helps diners find, book and save at quality restaurants.  If you are familiar with – Go dine offers a similar service but for restaurants as opposed to hotels.  They generate revenue by placing diners at the restaurants promoted to 100,000 visitors each month.
·    Go dine digital ( –In-house digital marketing team provides 8 services specific to restaurants – examples include running targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, social media marketing & email marketing etc.  They work with over 50 venues from independents through to national brands.

The two sides of the business work in harmony and allow funding to further expand both sides of the business.  The combination allows them to unlock a scalable model that is profitable as they expand!  Another benefit is that their in-house digital marketing team run the digital marketing to drive the Go dine booking platform at little cost to the business.

Go Dine aims
To be the UK’s no.1 digital marketing agency for the restaurant sector.
To be the UK’s no.1 online restaurant guide and booking service

They recently filled key management positions and are ready to exploit their proven business in a large open market.

The opportunity for an investor is
Go dine generates over £50k a month and is making strong profits.  Financially the business is well and truly standing on it’s own two feet.  Investment will allow them to expand faster and make key strategic investments.

Go Dine is a compelling investment opportunity because they have
·     Proven business
·     Successful raised money before with serial entrepreneur Graham Leslie at £1.25m valuation, through the Entrepreneurs Club.
·     Strong management team and board
·     Huge market opportunity


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