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Contact: David Jones
T: 0113 246 2700

Reward Finance Group – funding solutions put together to meet your specific business needs…

A flexible approach to helping your business

When you need finance, we look at your individual situation. No box-ticking. Just a common-sense understanding of your ambitions, and a willingness to help you achieve them.

It’s a straightforward approach, and we know it works for many kinds of business. We see every client as unique, and do all we can to provide the right finance, at the right time, on the right terms.

Whatever you need the money for, we’re keen to help. We look at the whole picture, keeping an open mind where other lenders might be restricted by arbitrary policies or procedures. And we give you a decision quickly. So you can put your plans into action with confidence.

Keeping the process speedy and simple

With offices in the financial districts of Leeds and Manchester, we use our many years’ experience to provide a highly responsive service to businesses of all sizes. As soon as you get in touch with us, you’ll have one point of contact, who understands your objectives and takes responsibility for helping you meet them. It’s all about direct communication, with no Chinese whispers and no red tape. And with a legal team in one of the major Leeds law firms, we arrange all the details of your finance quickly, simply and responsibly.

Very happy with our service, many of our clients keep coming back to us as their businesses grow and change.
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Contact: John Kelly
T: 07715 079 885

Invest Your Pension Scheme in Yourself – A Tax Planning No-Brainer
A much underused planning tactic, only available to the well advised, is the ability to either loan monies or purchase shares in your own company using your pension fund. Not only that but there are very attractive tax breaks available for those who undertake this type of planning.
Imagine this scenario:
Two Directors have profits in their company that they want to keep in the limited company structure for expansion and cashflow reasons. Drawing monies will incur potential income tax liabilities whether by salary and/or dividend. Alternatively monies can be extracted from the company and paid into the pension scheme.
Tax break 1: the contributions are relievable against corporation tax thereby reducing the company tax bill
By way of an example, the company pays £40,000 for each Director into the pension scheme and they already have £80,000 in pension plans between them. They can loan the £80,000 contribution back to themselves thereby keeping the cashflow in the company for expansion for instance. They will then owe the pension scheme £80,000, and the company will have benefitted from corporation tax relief of circa £18,000.
Tax break 2: Interest payments back to the pension scheme are tax deductible
Instead of borrowing from the bank they are borrowing from themselves. The repayments are and interest are paid into the pension fund. The minimum interest rate is 1% above the base rate and there is not as much small print as with a bank loan.
Tax break 3: the loan repayments grow in the pension fund free of tax
There is also the ability to purchase shares in your own company. Whilst there are certain parameters  surrounding this transaction our expertise has helped many of our clients to use this in their overall planning. 
Tax break 4: Tax Free Growth Environment
There is no capital gains tax on the sale of shares when held in a pension scheme and dividends are free of income tax
These two areas are obviously of benefit to your own business however there is also the ability to diversify into other businesses or industries. You can also either make a loan or purchase shares in another company with your pension fund.
We have a long history of this type of planning and have over 6,500 clients who are mainly business owners. Typically business owners and Entrepreneurs prefer to invest in themselves or exciting investment opportunities rather than the general stock market or being restricted by Insurance Company funds. Is it time to review where you invest?
Please contact John Kelly for further information on how these interesting investment options can be achieved. 


Business Partnership

Contact: Philip Drazen
T: 0771 287 5755

As the largest UK business broker with a regional network of experienced professional advisors, Business Partnership is uniquely placed to help sell your business at the best price and terms which depends on locasl and national market knowledge, informed preparation and powerful marketing.



Contact: John Oddy
T: 07798 841 995

Entrepreneurial wellbeing accountants, providing accounting and finance services, cloud accounting, tax advice and strategic business planning designed to work together to take your business to the next level.




Contact: Richard Hoyle
T: 07719 312 008

"Independent travel agent turning your travel dream into a travel memory"



YB Financial Advisory Ltd 

Contact: Paul Grace
T: 07854 119 277

YB Financial Advisory Limited is based in the North of England serving clients across the Northern Powerhouse and across the UK.

The business is led by Paul Grace who has over two decades banking experience covering business development, relationship management, credit underwriting and senior leadership roles. Paul is a prominent business leader in Yorkshire having held a number of a high profile non-executive roles and undertaken several large management consultancy projects.

Our staff are experienced ex senior bank relationship managers whose years of experience differentiate themselves in the market. They have over 50 years of experience and are able to tailor advice and support to access the latest funding solutions for your business. We operate across the market on an independent basis with access to over 150 lenders accurately matching clients specific needs to lenders.

Our staff and reputation are market leading which is why YB Financial Advisory Limited is the preferred choice for many successful business owners across the UK.

YB Financial Advisory Limited is a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB)


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